Composition Lessons

Alison’s composition teaching is tailored to the student’s needs, whether you just want to turn that tune you’ve been humming into a page you can print, or have an elaborate plan for a symphony!

Beginners will benefit from learning some simple guidlelines about structure, key signatures and melodic patterns, with writing prompts from Alison to help them along. You don’t have to be a virtuoso musician but it’ll probably help if you’re able to play a few easy pieces on an instrument – Alison is happy to discuss this in advance if you’re keen but worried!

For more advanced students, Alison can help with all aspects of creating new music, including chord theory, structure, instrumentation and texture, keys and modes, using Sibelius, how to edit and revise drafts, choosing suitable melodies and more.

If you’d like to learn composition with a Cambridge University Music graduate, please contact Alison now!

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