Music Theory Workshops

An introduction to music theory designed specially for self-taught musicians, folk musicians or veteran rockers!

Been playing music for years without reading a note? Completely bewildered when other musicians mention key signatures, modulations, dynamics and other clever-sounding gobbledygook? This one-off workshop or workshop series is designed to help you blag your way through any musical discussion and hopefully help your playing too! Bring an instrument!

Topics covered include:

  • Reading sheet music – those dots and how to read them
  • Keys – including sharps, flats, key signatures and scales
  • Chords – and words like tonic, dominant and intervals
  • Miscellaneous topics – dynamics, tempo, texture, ornaments…

This workshop has been designed for festivals but can be booked for one-to-one lessons too! The number of topics covered will depend on the participants’ needs and the length of the workshop.

Please contact Alison to discuss your requirements.